Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back to School 2012 - 2013

I'm transferee and irregular student. I transferred to AMA Computer College Makati from NPCST Quezon City this year. I took up Accountancy Course at AMA College Makati. I stopped going to college last year because I have heart burn in my chest and financial problems.

Why I choose at AMA Computer College - Makati Campus? Because I want to go to school near Pasay City, Metro Manila. It's really save allowance and save time. Its prevent to be late and long traffic routes. I don't care about "price hike", bad weathers, and etc. All I want to do is FINISH THE STUDIES!

Study Smarter, Not Harder

God Bless! =)

Blogging is the universal welcome.

Hi! My name is Theresa. Just call me "Tere/Theresa". I'm partial hearing impairment with my right ear and speech defect. I live in Pasay City, Metro Manila. I'm internet and music addict. I love anime and manga stuffs. I like to know and learn about blogging stuffs. "I write what I want, when I want" is really inspired me. I deleted my old blog posts because of my negative thoughts. I want to start renew and my new positive thoughts.

"I write what I want, when I want"

Keep moving forward! =)